The Ultimate Guide to The Ashes Series – Year by Year

The ashes is a test cricket series played between england and australia since 1882, with each team aiming to win the urn. The series involves five test matches played over a period of six weeks in alternate countries.

The two teams have been competing against each other in the longest format of the game for well over a century and their head-to-head rivalry is one of the biggest in cricket. In this article, we will take a closer look at the history of the ashes, year by year, from its inception to the present day.

We will delve into the greatest moments, the most famous players and the unforgettable matches that have made the ashes one of the most revered events in world cricket.

The Ultimate Guide to The Ashes Series - Year by Year


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What Is The Ashes Series?

The ashes series is one of the most highly anticipated cricket competitions in the world. Played between england and australia, the tournament dates back to the late 1800s and has continued to attract fans from all over the globe. In this section, we’ll dive into what the ashes is all about, including its definition, origin, and format.

Definition Of The Ashes Series

The ashes series is a test cricket contest played between england and australia, consisting of five matches. It is known as one of the oldest and fiercest cricketing rivalries in the world. The winner of the tournament is determined by the team that wins the most matches during the series.

In the event of a draw, the team that held the ashes before the series retains them.

Origin Of The Name ‘Ashes’

The name ‘ashes’ stems from a mock obituary that was published in the sporting times in 1882. The article lamented england’s loss to australia for the first time on english soil. It declared that english cricket had died and that the body would be cremated, with the ashes taken to australia.

To everyone’s surprise, the australian team did not only win the match but also the series. The captain of the english team at the time, ivo bligh, was presented with a small urn that was said to contain the ashes of a burnt cricket bail.

The urn became the trophy for the tournament, and since then, the competition has been known as the ashes.

Format Of The Tournament

The ashes series is played over a period of five test matches, and each match is played over five days. The locations for the matches alternate between venues in australia and england. The tournament is governed by the international cricket council, and the teams that participate in the series are required to comply with specific rules and regulations.

One of the most notable rules is that only players who hold citizenship in either england or australia can participate in the tournament.

The ashes is a cricketing contest with a rich history and a fierce reputation. The tournament is a test cricket series played over five matches, with the location alternating between australia and england. The winner of the ashes is the team that wins the most matches during the series, and the urn is awarded to the winning team at the end of the tournament.

Now that you know what the ashes is, let’s take a look at its history year by year.

The History Of The Ashes Series

Cricket’s most prestigious rivalry, the ashes series between england and australia, is contested biennially, alternating between the two nations. The long-standing tradition of the series dates back to 1882, making it one of the oldest international sporting contests. Let’s take a look at the history of the ashes series under the three following topics:

The First Ashes Series

The rivalry started in 1882, when australia won a test match played on english soil for the first time. A satirical obituary ran in a british newspaper, claiming that english cricket had died and that “the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to australia”.

The england captain immediately vowed to regain “the ashes” in the return series down under. Since then, the two teams have played each other more than 330 times, with australia winning 144 tests and england 108.

Significant Moments And Matches In Ashes History

The ashes have been known to produce some iconic moments in cricket history. Here are some noteworthy occurrences from the past:

  • In 1932, the infamous “bodyline” series, where the english bowlers, led by harold larwood, used intimidatory tactics against the australian batsmen, provoked outrage and tension between the two countries.
  • The highest run-scorer for england and test cricket is sir alastair cook with over 12000 runs under his belt.
  • The 2005 series is regarded as one of the greatest series ever played, with england winning their first ashes in 18 years by a narrow 2-1 margin.
  • The 2006/07 series saw a brilliant australian team whitewash england 5-0.
  • In the 2010/11 series, australian bowler mitchell johnson took 37 wickets, leading australia to another 5-0 win.

Overview Of Past Winners And Their Performances

The ashes have been hotly contested since its inception, with both nations winning significant silverware. Here is an overview of the past winners:

  • Australia has won the ashes 33 times, and england has won 32.
  • Australia dominated the series in the early years, winning 12 of the 15 series played between 1882 and 1909.
  • England won the next two series but lost 2-1 in 1920/21.
  • There have been periods of dominance from both teams throughout the series, with england winning the ashes between 1953 and 1989 (apart from a 2-2 draw in 1962).
  • Since the 2000/2001 season, australia has won the ashes seven times, most notably during the 2006/07 and 2013/14 whitewash.

The ashes are a fantastic contest, steeped in tradition and history, that never fails to entertain. Upcoming series are sure to produce more iconic moments and unforgettable contests.

The Ashes Series – Year By Year

The ashes series is a celebrated cricket rivalry between england and australia that has been going strong since 1882. The yearly series is a highlight fixture on the cricketing calendar, and its significance has only grown with time. Here is an overview of each year’s series and its importance:

Overview Of Each Year’S Series And Its Significance

  • 1882-1883: The inaugural ashes test series, where australia recorded their first-ever win against england at the oval. This series laid the foundation for the legendary rivalry between the two nations.
  • 1902: England’s epic triumph over australia at the oval, after being dismissed for just 122 in the first innings. The win marked a pivotal moment in english cricket history, with the series thereafter being recognised as “the ashes”.
  • 1932-1933: The ‘bodyline’ series, where england employed vicious short-pitched bowling tactics to curb the dominance of australia’s don bradman. The series sparked a controversy that remains a topic of debate to this day.
  • 1948: Under the leadership of the legendary sir don bradman, australia won the series 4-0. The result of the series earned them the moniker “the invincibles” as they remained unbeaten for the entire tour of england.
  • 2005: A thrilling series that witnessed england winning the urn back after 16 years. The home team’s aggressive and fearless cricket against an australian team at their peak made it one of the most exciting series ever played.
  • 2019: England claimed the urn back from australia in a memorable series that saw both teams level on points. The hosts won the final test to claim their fifth ashes series on home soil.

Detailed Analysis Of Important Matches, Players, And Moments

  • The 1932-1933 series saw the australian cricket captain bill woodfull suffer a serious injury after a short-ball struck him just above his heart. The incident sparked a furore in the media, with england captain douglas jardine attempting to introduce the bodyline tactic. The series kick-started the debate about cricket’s ethos and playing ethos.
  • The 2005 series was dubbed as the best ashes series ever played, lasting just over a month and featuring nail-biting finishes. The performances by players such as andrew flintoff, kevin pietersen, and shane warne were mesmerising. The edgbaston test saw an edge-of-the-seat match between england and australia, with the hosts clinching a two-run victory.
  • In the 2019 series, australia’s steve smith announced himself on english soil in a resounding manner. The former australian captain amassed 774 runs in just seven innings, with three centuries to his name. England’s ben stokes’ heroics in the headingley test match rescued the series for england, scoring an unbeaten 135 to seal an improbable one-wicket victory.

The ashes series promises to remain an unforgettable fixture that offers pure entertainment, drama, and a true test of sportsmanship between two great cricketing nations.

The Ashes Series 2019

The ashes series is a highly anticipated cricket competition between england and australia. The most recent one took place in 2019 and saw a lot of exciting moments and exceptional performances. In this section, we will take a closer look at the key highlights and players of the 2019 ashes series and its impact on cricket.

Overview Of The Most Recent Ashes Series

The 2019 ashes series was a five-match test series that took place in england from august to september. The series was tied at 2-2, and australia retained the urn as the previous series winner. Here are some key facts:

  • Matches: 5
  • Winner: Tied 2-2
  • Venue: England
  • Duration: 1 august – 16 september 2019

Key Highlights, Players, And Moments

The 2019 ashes series was full of thrilling moments and outstanding performances from both teams. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Steve smith’s exceptional batting performance in the series, where he scored 774 runs with an average of 110.57.
  • Ben stokes’ brilliant match-winning innings in the third test at headingley, where he single-handedly took england to victory with his unbeaten 135.
  • Jofra archer’s impressive debut with the national team, where he took 22 wickets in four matches and consistently bowled over 90mph.
  • Nathan lyon’s fantastic spin bowling that helped australia retain the urn.

Analysis Of The Series’ Impact On Cricket

The 2019 ashes series was one of the most thrilling and competitive series in recent times. The series had a significant impact on cricket in several ways:

  • It showcased some of the best talents in cricket, such as steve smith, ben stokes, jofra archer, and nathan lyon.
  • The series proved that test cricket is still relevant and exciting.
  • The series also highlighted the importance of having match-winning players in the team.
  • Finally, the series showed that the ashes competition is one of the most sought-after trophies in cricket and brought cricket fans from all over the world together.

The 2019 ashes series was an exciting and memorable competition that showcased the best talents in cricket and had a significant impact on the sport.

The Ashes Series 2017-18

Overview Of The 2017-18 Ashes Series

The much-awaited 2017-18 ashes series was held in australia with the five-match test series kicking off on november 23, 2017, and wrapping up on january 8, 2018. As always, the ashes series was highly anticipated, not just by cricket enthusiasts but by sports fans all across the globe.

While australia had home-ground advantage, england was determined to break their losing streak on australian soil, last winning there in 2010-11.

Key Highlights, Players, And Moments

The 2017-18 ashes series was action-packed and filled with some memorable moments. Here are some key highlights of the series:

  • Australia won the series 4-0 with one test ending in a draw. England was unable to recreate their form from the 2015 ashes series, where they won 3-2 on home soil.
  • Steve smith, the australian captain, was the highest run-scorer of the series with 687 runs, including three centuries and two half-centuries.
  • The english pace bowler, james anderson, was the highest wicket-taker of the series with 17 wickets in five matches.
  • The third test match of the series, held at the waca in perth, was a highlight in itself. Bowlers from both sides wreaked havoc on the opposition’s batting line-up, with australia eventually winning the match by an innings and 41 runs.
  • England had a lot of missed opportunities throughout the series, with some costly dropped catches and inconsistent batting performances.

Analysis Of The Series’ Impact On Cricket

The 2017-18 ashes series was crucial for both teams. Australia had struggled over the past couple of years, with a lot of pressure on steve smith and david warner to carry the team. The series was a chance for australia to prove their dominance on home soil and reestablish themselves as a top cricketing nation.

For england, the ashes series was an opportunity to prove their worth away from home. The team had a lot of young and inexperienced players, and the series was a chance for them to showcase their skills and cement their place in the side.

From a broader perspective, the 2017-18 ashes series highlighted the importance of home-ground advantage in cricket. Australia dominated england throughout the series, with their bowlers exploiting the pace-friendly pitches and their batsmen piling on the runs. England, on the other hand, struggled to adapt to the unfamiliar conditions.

Overall, the 2017-18 ashes series was a memorable one, with fans treated to some remarkable performances and intense battles between two of cricket’s oldest rivals. The series served as a reminder of the importance of adaptability and team unity in cricket, and the impact of home-ground advantage on a team’s performance.

The Ashes Series 2015

Overview Of The 2015 Ashes Series

In 2015, the ashes cricket series was contested by england and australia. The series consists of five test matches, each lasting five days, and is one of the most coveted prizes in cricket. It was australia who were the reigning champions and they came into the series as the favourites, but england had something to prove on their own turf.

The series began at sophia gardens in cardiff, wales on july 8, 2015, and went on to visit lord’s, edgbaston, trent bridge, and the oval. Each test match was fiercely contested, with both teams giving their all to take the coveted prize home.

Key Highlights, Players, And Moments

Some of the most memorable moments of the series included the performances of key players from both sides, including:

  • Joe root’s outstanding form with the bat, helping england win the first, third, and fifth test matches
  • Mitchell johnson’s five-wicket haul in the second innings of the second test match, helping australia take a 1-0 lead in the series
  • Steve smith’s century in the second innings of the fourth test match, helping australia secure a comfortable victory and take a 3-1 lead
  • Stuart broad’s match-winning performance in the fourth test match at trent bridge, where he took eight wickets for just 15 runs
  • Ben stokes’ incredible innings of 258 runs in the second test match, which is still the highest individual score at cape town

Overall, the series was a closely contested affair, with both teams putting in their best efforts to come out on top.

Analysis Of The Series’ Impact On Cricket

The 2015 ashes series had a significant impact on cricket and brought about some notable changes. Some of these include:

  • It saw the emergence of a new generation of players who would go on to dominate the sport in the following years
  • The series showcased the importance of team balance, with both teams relying on their bowling attacks to win matches
  • The series also saw some heated exchanges between the players, which sparked a debate around the spirit of the game
  • The series was also notable for the introduction of the decision review system (drs), which allows teams to challenge umpiring decisions

The 2015 ashes series was a thrilling contest that showcased the best of both teams. It had a significant impact on cricket and has left a lasting legacy on the sport.

The Ashes Series 2013-14

Overview Of The 2013-14 Ashes Series

The ashes series is one of the most anticipated tournaments in international cricket. It is contested between two of the oldest cricket-playing nations, australia and england. The 2013-14 ashes series was hosted by australia, comprising a total of five test matches.

Australia emerged victorious with a 5-0 clean sweep against their rivals. It was an outstanding performance by the australian cricket team, as they dominated every aspect of the game.

Key Highlights, Players, And Moments

The 2013-14 ashes series witnessed some remarkable performances by both teams, but it was australia who stole the show. Here are some of the key highlights, players, and moments of the series:

  • Mitchell johnson’s exceptional bowling performance, taking 37 wickets in the series.
  • David warner’s superb batting display, scoring 523 runs with two centuries.
  • Brad haddin’s outstanding wicket-keeping and batting contribution, scoring 493 runs with three fifties.
  • Australia’s biggest victory margin, by an innings and 123 runs in the fifth test match.
  • England’s disappointing batting performance, scoring only 155 runs in the first test match.

Analysis Of The Series’ Impact On Cricket

The 2013-14 ashes series was a significant event in the cricket world, as it saw the resurgence of australian cricket after a period of decline. Australia’s sweeping victory over england re-established their dominance in world cricket. The series marked the end of the era of some legendary english players, including graeme swann, jonathan trott, and kevin pietersen.

The ashes series demonstrated how important home advantage is in cricket and how a team can dominate a series by playing with confidence and passion. It also highlighted the significance of team spirit, excellent leadership, and a well-planned strategy. Overall, the 2013-14 ashes series was an excellent spectacle of cricket, showcasing inspiring performances, enthralling moments, and memorable incidents that will be remembered for a long time in cricket history.

The Ashes Series 2010-11

Overview Of The 2010-11 Ashes Series

The 2010-11 ashes series was a five-test match series held in australia. The series marked england’s first ashes victory on australian soil in 24 years. England’s victory saw them win the series 3-1, with the other match ending in a draw.

The series was played from november 2010 to january 2011.

Key Highlights, Players, And Moments

The series had many unforgettable moments and outstanding performances from some of the players. Here are some key highlights, players, and moments that defined the series:

  • The first test match in brisbane was declared a draw after an australian comeback.
  • England’s batsmen jonathan trott and alastair cook scored centuries in the second test match in adelaide.
  • Australian bowler peter siddle’s hat-trick in the same match, which became a famous moment in cricket history.
  • England’s bowler james anderson’s career-best 7-67 in the third test match, which helped his team to win the match.
  • England’s vice-captain, alastair cook, was the highest run-scorer of the series, scoring 766 runs with three centuries.
  • England’s spinner, graeme swann, was the highest wicket-taker of the series, taking 15 wickets.

Analysis Of The Series’ Impact On Cricket

The 2010-11 ashes series was a significant moment in english cricket history, marking their first win in australia in almost a quarter of a century. The series not only boosted the confidence of the english players but also generated a renewed interest in cricket across the globe.

This series also witnessed the introduction of the drs (decision review system), which now plays a fundamental role in cricket decision-making. The dramatic performances of both england and australia have since inspired young talent and inspired cricketers worldwide to bring fresh, innovative ideas and approaches to their gameplay.

Famous Ashes Moments And Players

The ashes series is one of the most anticipated and fiercely contested test cricket tournaments in the world. Over the years, it has provided cricket lovers with some of the most unforgettable and thrilling moments. The series has seen some of the world’s greatest players compete against each other, leaving a significant impact on the game.

Here we have an overview of the greatest moments and players in ashes history.

Overview Of The Greatest Moments And Players In Ashes History

  • The ashes series has been dominated by the rivalry between england and australia.
  • Some of the greatest moments of the series include ben stokes’ heroic innings in the 2019 ashes, ian botham’s all-rounder performance in 1981, and shane warne’s ‘ball of the century’ in 1993.
  • Some of the standout players in ashes history are don bradman, ian botham, steve waugh, and shane warne.
  • The ashes records are held by great players such as bradman’s batting average of 99.94, merv hughes taking 28 wickets in the 1989 series, and chris rogers scoring five consecutive ashes fifty-plus scores in 2015.

Detailed Analysis Of Each Moment/Player’S Significance

Ben Stokes’S Heroic Innings In The 2019 Ashes

  • Ben stokes’ remarkable innings at headingley will be seen as one of the greatest innings played in test cricket history.
  • Joe root’s side was bowled out for just 67 runs then having to make 359 to win the match; stokes made 135 not out in an innings that included eleven fours and eight sixes.
  • The match-winning performance helped england level the series and provided one of the most dramatic moments in the history of the ashes.

Ian Botham’S All-Rounder Performance In 1981

  • Ian botham’s led the england team to a glorious comeback in the 1981 ashes series.
  • Botham scored 399 runs with the bat and took 34 wickets with the ball.
  • His epic performances in the headingley and edgbaston tests of that series will be cherished forever.

Shane Warne’S ‘Ball Of The Century’ In 1993

  • The ‘ball of the century’ is regarded as one of the greatest deliveries in cricket history.
  • Shane warne’s first ball to mike gatting, in the 1993 ashes played at old trafford, spun sharply past the outside edge of gatting’s bat before hitting the top of the off-stump.
  • This delivery will always be remembered as one of the most iconic moments of the ashes series.

Don Bradman’S Ashes Legacy

  • Don bradman is considered one of the most exceptional cricketers of all time.
  • In his first ashes series in 1928-29, bradman scored an astounding 974 runs in seven innings, including two double centuries, one of which was a triple century.
  • Bradman holds many ashes records, including the highest ashes batting average of 99.94, which is higher than any other player.

Throughout the ashes series, we have witnessed some of the most exceptional cricketing performances by players from both england and australia. These players have made an everlasting impact on the game. Whether it’s ben stokes’ heroic innings, ian botham’s all-rounder performance, shane warne’s ‘ball of the century,’ or don bradman’s unbeatable records, each moment and player has its unique significance, making the ashes series truly remarkable.

The ‘Bodyline Series’

Overview Of The Bodyline Series

The ‘bodyline series’ was a cricket contest between the australian and english teams during the 1932/33 season that garnered a significant amount of attention. It is regarded as one of the most contentious events in cricket history, primarily because of its bodyline tactic.

This bowling strategy aimed to exploit the vulnerability of the batsmen to fast pace deliveries directed at their bodies, thus creating confusion and fear. As a result, it created a lot of controversy in the cricket world.

Key Highlights, Players, And Moments

The bodyline series had its fair share of exceptional moments, key players, and highlights, including:

  • England, led by douglas jardine, won the series 4-1, dominating the entire series with their aggressive and hostile bowling tactics.
  • Don bradman, the legendary australian batsman, was the star player, but he faced numerous challenges and controversies throughout the series due to the bodyline tactic.
  • The series saw harold larwood, the english fast bowler, emerge as the leading wicket-taker, with 33 dismissals, at an average of 19.51.
  • The tension between the two teams peaked during the third test, which saw the australian captain woodfull hit on the chest by a bouncer. This moment resulted in a heated exchange between the two teams, and it nearly led to the cancellation of the rest of the tour.

Analysis Of The Series’ Impact On Cricket

The bodyline series had a significant impact on cricket, not just in terms of tactics but also in the way the game was played. Some of the series’ impacts include:

  • It led to the implementation of stricter laws on leg theory bowling, which stopped bowlers from targeting the batsman’s bodies.
  • The series demonstrated the importance of maintaining discipline in the field, not just for individuals but also for the team as a whole.
  • It highlighted the role of captains in setting the tone and strategy for the team.
  • The series also affected the relations between the two countries, leading to diplomatic strains between the australian and english governments.

Overall, the bodyline series was a significant moment in cricket history as it united, divided, and transformed the cricket world in more ways than one.

Famous Ashes Players

Analysis Of The Greatest Players To Have Played In The Ashes Series

The ashes is one of the oldest and most sought-after cricket series in the world. It has seen some of the greatest players across generations leave their mark on the sport, contributing significantly to its rich and eventful history. Here, we explore key points about some of the most famous ashes players.

Don Bradman

  • Arguably one of the greatest cricketers of all time, bradman had a phenomenal average of 99.94 in ashes matches.
  • He scored 5028 runs in 37 innings against england, including 19 centuries.
  • Known as ‘the don,’ bradman was instrumental in helping australia win the ashes series five times in his career.

Sir Ian Botham

  • Botham is a celebrated all-rounder of the ashes, having played 36 test matches as part of the series.
  • He scored 1486 runs against australia and took 148 wickets, an outstanding achievement in the series.
  • Botham’s remarkable performances notably helped england clinch the ashes trophy in 1981.

Shane Warne

  • Warne was a prolific bowler and remains one of the top ashes performers with 195 wickets.
  • The australian spinner’s unique delivery style gave him an extra edge over his opponents, and he took at least five wickets in 10 different ashes games.
  • His impressive game helped australia win the ashes five times in his career.

Sir Jack Hobbs

  • Hobbs is widely acknowledged as one of england’s greatest batsmen, with 61 ashes innings, 1998 runs, and 12 centuries under his belt.
  • He dedicated himself to the sport throughout his career, playing in routinely testing conditions and remaining an idol of the sport to this day.
  • Hobbs played an instrumental role in helping england win the ashes five times, earning himself a well-deserved place in the cricketing hall of fame.

Steve Waugh

  • Australia’s captain during their dominant run in the late ’90s and early ’00s, waugh amassed 3,200 ashes runs at an average of 58.75.
  • He was a tenacious competitor, known for his batting prowess, and helped australia win the ashes series three times as captain.
  • Waugh’s memorable performances included a double century in 1999 to save the ashes series for australia, showing his ability to turn the match around in a single inning.

The ashes series has seen a stellar cast of players grace the sport, with don bradman, sir ian botham, shane warne, sir jack hobbs, and steve waugh being just a few names in this long list. Their contribution to the sport has left an indelible mark on the series and continues to inspire future generations of cricketers.

Memorable Ashes Moments

The ashes series is one of the most fiercely contested sporting rivalries in the world, attracting both cricket lovers and sports enthusiasts. It is an international competition in which england and australia battle for supremacy. The legendary battles between the two sides have given birth to some of the most remarkable and unforgettable moments.

These moments have carved a place in the history of cricket and have a profound impact on the game.

Analysis Of The Unforgettable Moments That Define The Ashes Series

The ashes have produced some of the most dramatic and unforgettable moments that have defined the very essence of the series. Here are some of the key points:

  • The 2005 ashes series is widely regarded as one of the greatest test series ever played. The series was level at 1-1 going into the final test match of the series. The series was on the line, and england was eager to end australia’s 16-year dominance. The match was incredibly tense, but england eventually won by two runs in one of the most dramatic test matches ever played. It was an unforgettable moment that brought tears to the eyes of players and supporters alike.
  • The 1932-33 ashes series is known as the ‘bodyline’ series due to the aggressive tactics adopted by england to curb the brilliance of australian batsman don bradman. England violently bowled short-pitched deliveries which were directed at the batsman’s body, which bradman found hard to score off. This series saw intense controversy, with the australians accusing england of unsporting tactics. Although england won the series, there were serious repercussions for the game of cricket.
  • The 1981 ashes series saw one of the most remarkable comebacks in cricket history. Australia had dominated the series, winning the first two games with ease. In the third test match, england was in trouble, with their backs against the wall. Enter ian botham, who played one of the most brilliant innings ever seen in cricket. He rescued england from almost certain defeat and led them to victory. This performance is widely regarded as one of the greatest individual performances in the history of test cricket.
  • The 2010-2011 ashes series was another unforgettable moment, with the series level at 1-1 going into the third test match in perth. England was written off by many, but they produced a stunning performance, with jonathan trott and ian bell scoring brilliant centuries. England won the match comfortably and went on to win the series. This was england’s first series win in australia for 24 years.

These moments have been etched into the memories of cricket lovers and have had a significant impact on the game of cricket. They have provided us with great entertainment, and they have allowed us to appreciate the sheer skill and brilliance of some of the greatest cricketers ever to play the game.

The ashes represent more than just a cricket series, it is a rivalry built on a hundred years of tradition, and every time the two teams take to the field, they are playing for national pride and glory. The ashes remain one of the most significant and fiercely contested trophies in world sport, and the moments that it has produced will be celebrated for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions Of The Ashes Series – Year By Year

What Is The Ashes Series?

The ashes series is a cricket test match played between england and australia.

How Many Times Has England Won The Ashes Series?

England has won the ashes series 32 times in total.

Who Is The Current Holder Of The Ashes Series?

Australia is the current holder of the ashes series having won it in 2019.

What Is The Origin Of The Name “The Ashes”?

The name “the ashes” comes from a satirical obituary published in a british newspaper, which proclaimed that english cricket had died and that its ashes had been taken to australia.

How Often Is The Ashes Series Played?

The ashes series is played biennially, alternating between host countries. However, if the series is tied, the current holder retains the ashes trophy.


Having explored the rich history of the ashes series year by year, it’s clear that this cricketing event has a special place in the hearts of cricket fans worldwide. From the legendary players and memorable moments to the sheer passion and intensity on the field, this series has given us some of the greatest moments in cricketing history.

Every year brings with it a new chapter, and as we eagerly await the next series, we can only hope that it will be just as enthralling and memorable as those that have come before it. Whether you’re a die-hard english or australian cricket fan, or simply love the game itself, the ashes series has something to offer everyone.

So, let’s cherish the memories and look forward to what promises to be another thrilling edition of the ashes series.

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